Sunday, March 30, 2008

"..In Souk El Gharb ..the Lebanese remember something closer to reality .. that the US took sides ..and that operation didn't end particularly well.."

Eric Umansky comments on AbouMuqawama's & here
"....In Lebanon, in September 1983, the U.S. lent direct support to what it assumed was a national institution, the Lebanese Army, in the battle at Souk el-Gharb. By doing so, it became, in the eyes of the rest of the Lebanese population, just another militia. The U.S. history in Iraq is more complicated, obviously, but what's happening now is the U.S. is throwing our lot in with ISCI in the upcoming elections. And all Abu Muqawama is saying is, there better be a whole lot of quid pro quo going on as well..."

USS New Jersey..

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