Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gulf growing weary of the Lebanon ..no longer sees the failure to resolve the conflict as meriting action against Syria..."

In NOW-Lebanon, here
"...What this signals is that, as the rest of the Gulf States grow bolder in matters of GCC foreign policy, more and more diplomats from both sides of the regional “cold war” will be forced to expand their efforts in the Gulf. As far as Lebanon is concerned, this means that Future Movement head Saad Hariri’s close ties with the kingdom may not always be enough to keep all the Arab states firmly behind the March 14 forces in Lebanon...."

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mnkahb@gmail.com said...

Hariri's position is no longer in the hands of Saudis. USA is directing all March 14, PLO, Egypt, Jordan and Saudis its way directly.... Hamas-PLO agreement as one example so is the Lebanese agreement.. Lebanese opposition have 45% in parlement aren't they allowed 30% of government? US makes its rules and apply them as it suites it regardless of freedom, rights, democracy. This is again an other tool in USA hands. Why is Iran non democratic while Saudi Arabia is OK.. Is Israel democracy where non-jews have no rights?