Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Bush threatened trade reprisals against friendly countries... , spied on its allies, and pressed for the recall of UN envoys..."

In the WaPo, here

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Anonymous said...

The damage the Bush Administration has inflicted on its foreign policy and diplomacy is unfathomable. The destruction of the foundations of international law has and will continue to cause huge damages to the whole world. Because of this Administration the law of the jungle rules. The consensus established in the wake of the World War II to reject the use of force to resolve differences of opinions and conflicts, is lying in ruins. The Security Council has lost its credibility. The petty interests of the big 5 are causing harm to world peace. BUt who cares about world peace when u can wage wars and make a buck. The Halliburtons and private security firms are living their golden age at the expense of international law.
If Obama is elected he will have the disastrous legacy of Bush. I am not really sure US credibility can be restored without drastic changes in policy and manner of conducting it. We will see!