Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bush keeps talking about Iraq, but no one can understand what he says

In the Daily Star, here
"The whole world has been hearing Bush for five long years, and yet no one understands what he says. He describes a heroic effort to liberate a people out of the goodness of his own heart. Virtually everyone else has witnessed grotesque examples of shameless lies to mask otherwise naked aggression, lofty rhetoric to conceal petty personal grudges, and dogmatic refusals to accept the advice of professionals. The US military has lost almost 4,000 men and women in Iraq, and still Bush and other senior officials have to sneak in and out of Baghdad like fugitive criminals. Nonetheless, the Americans have the audacity to pressure Arab allies like Saudi Arabia to expand their own presence in a failed state stamped "Made in the USA."

(King Canute, in his attempt either to turn the tide, or demonstrate the impossibility of doing so..)

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