Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BREAKING: Condi Rice Flirts With VP Possibility

Steve Clemons says, here
'As one major Republican operative told me yesterday:
".......Someone like Condi Rice doesn't go to Grover Norquist's den to talk about the Annapolis Middle East peace process. ..She's going to secure her future in Republican politics and to position herself as a 'potential' VP candidate on the McCain ticket.."'
and here
"The first question Condoleezza Rice received at the meeting was one about her "political future." She responded by saying that she was not interested in more government ... So, she is telegraphing a "no" about the possibility of a Vice Presidential possibility.... she gave a tour de force discussion of America's global foreign policy and national security positions. She talked about everything from North Korea to China to Iran to Iraq to Israel/Palestine. She talked about military-sculpted policies and diplomatic-sculpted policies....."

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