Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"A Whodunnit?"

A Fmr. CIA official's take:
"Don't be sure Mughniyah wasn't finished by Hezbollah or Syria himself, a former CIA officer with Mid East experience told me in an interview this morning. "He's an embarrassment for them," the former officer told me. "Hezbollah's public line is that he is not associated with them and they have no American blood on their hands. They say that when they get together with anyone trying to talk to them. And it's full of shit. It's a lie. They are a terrorirst organization."
"The Syrians might have done it themselves to cleanse them of a problem," when they are trying to improve their footing with Washington, the former officer said. Alternatively, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah might have considered Mugniyah a nuissance, he said......About one thing he was sure: "I know goddamn well we didn't do it," the former CIA officer said. "Because it's too good of an operation. If we did it, it would be fifteen years in the making, and there'd be video surveillance from Washington to make sure no bystanders get hurt. I'm serious. It's fucking ludicrous."
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Anonymous said...

That's a lot of wishful thinking. The Syrians would not finish him off on their own soil. As for Hezbollah, the information about distancing themselves from IM is pure hogwash. The Israeli can deny all they want, they got the 'credit'. They should be happy having slapped in the face in one stroke Hezbollah and Syria on the latter's ground. Anyway, one should anticipate major changes in the area Syria included. An event like that is likely to have consequences.
For conspiracy theorists, here is one for the books: Mughnieh's liquidation is an 'advance' of goodwill by Syria to further a rapprochement with the US.

Anonymous said...

true.very true

G, M, Z, or B said...

Actually SFM/FLC: here's a better one; IS IM "REALLY" DEAD?