Monday, February 18, 2008

Sa'ud Al-Faisal's "visits" aimed at thwarting the Arab League summit in Damascus & internationalizing the Lebanon crisis?

MEMRI, here and here via War&piece "Saudi FX remains unchanged" here
"...A knowledgeable Syrian source has said that Saudi Foreign Minister Sa'ud Al-Faisal's visit to Russia and France is aimed at thwarting the Arab League summit, meant to take place in Damascus at the end of next month.
The source also said that the visit was aimed at internationalizing the Lebanon crisis.
Also, Arab diplomatic sources said that Saudi Arabia refused to approve a visit by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu'alem to the kingdom, during which he had intended to give Saudi King Abdullah an invitation to the summit...."

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Anonymous said...
RIYADH, Feb 18 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia, a key backer of Sunni Muslims in Lebanon, advised its citizens on Monday not to travel there because of a deteriorating political and security situation.