Sunday, February 17, 2008

On Saud Al Faisal's Washington 'visit'

Laura Rosen asks in War&Piece, here ... and reader "b" alluded to this piece in the Russian Kommersant on Al Faisal's trip to Moscow, here
" ...Saud Al Faisal was probably in DC for all of the reasons speculated....[to] discuss Lebanon, Iran, Palestine, etc. but I've also read that we are asking/insisting? on oil profits being reinjected back into our economy pronto. The recession, you see. Only Allah knows."


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Faisal came directly from Moscow?

I don't believe the reason given in Kommersant is the real one for his hour with Putin...


Anonymous said...

actually the headline could just as well have read Saud al Faisal suggesting to replace the US with Russia
has the US been late with paying the bills recently?