Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Mubarak says Syria part of Lebanon crisis ... " Mubarak, the King of Bahrein, the King of Saudi Arabia, the King of Jordan ... and other benevolent potentates-for-life are all interested in the ELECTION of a President in Lebanon, for the SAKE OF DEMOCRACY! This is hilarious! Needless to say, the Saudis (and to a much lesser extent, the Egyptians) will NOT use the Arab Summit in Damascus as the pulpit for their "showdown" with Damascus: That, will have to wait 'til after the summit. I expect the summit to take place, with more or less full corum (AS IN ALL PREVIOUS SUMMITS), ... and for the recommendations to carry NOTHING new....
In GulfNews, here
"We should not be (in Damascus) resolving a problem that Syria is a party to," Mubarak said during a visit to Bahrain as part of tour of Gulf Arab countries aimed at unifying positions ahead of the annual Arab League summit..."

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