Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CIA's Bruce Riedel: "Mossad behind Mugniyah killing"

In YNetnews, here

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Anonymous said...

Riedel is another braggadocio. Just like Baer. These guys make it a career of peddling all sorts of things and are taken seriously because they once served in CIA or some other "Intelligence" agencies.
Some years ago , after Clinton left Office, this same Riedel claimed Pakistan has Activated it's nuclear arsenal for use against India during the Kargil War between India and Pakistan.
Some time later, It turns out it was nothing of the kind. The man was simply peddling nonsense.
look at the Ynet story quoting this Guy. Everything he says is simply gossip. There is no identifiable source or anything close which may tell us whether he was simply imagining things or not.
And look at this claim, Nasrallah is also a likely target and that is why he is operating underground.
Big Original News. Stop the Presses.

Anyone with a dozen brain cells will know Nasrallah has always been a target. And that he has been underground for may be a dozen or so years.

Even a Sixth Grader can figure out that much.

All this stuff by Riedel is nothing but Idle Imagination by a think tank nutcase. We are supposed to take it seriously because he was a CIA Guy.