Monday, February 18, 2008

Bracing for Revenge

Yediot's Ronan Bergman writes in the NYTimes, here
"...... Only the severest of countermeasures by the intelligence services of Israel and the United States will prevent last week’s assassination, justified as it was, from costing a vastly disproportionate price in blood."
NO, Mr Bergman. Hezbollah will not carry out attacks in the United States. You're trying too hard! However. this, without Bergman's added bonus, IS GOING to BE A ROUGH, VERY ROUGH, RIDE for Israel!
Andrew Exum writes this in "Abou Muqawama", You honestly think Hizbollah is going to carry out an assassination operation or terror attack within the United States? Really? Let's go over several of the reasons why this could happen but is decidedly not likely..." more here

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