Friday, January 18, 2008

STRATFOR: "The Chaos Comes To Lebanon"

(Excerpts: STRATFOR Analysis & "sources" in the rank and file of M14 ... )

"...The blast, which killed three people and wounded 26, struck a U.S. Embassy vehicle, sparking fears that the perpetrators intended to hit a U.S. diplomatic target.

According to Lebanese security officials, the car bomb struck a U.S. Embassy armor-plated sport utility vehicle (SUV) that was transporting Lebanese security officers on a highway north of Beirut. The officers were part of an advance team ...was intended as a warning and was carried out against the United States by an organization such as Hezbollah, as our sources recently indicated.

At the time of the attack, U.S. President George W. Bush was still in the region, where he issued strong statements about confronting Iran and its regional militant allies — including Hezbollah. We have been informed that the Hezbollah leadership is seriously concerned about U.S. plans to help the Western-backed government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora eventually eradicate Hezbollah. Moreover, tensions between Iran and the United States have escalated significantly over the past several weeks, with Washington giving not-so-subtle hints that the military option can be put back on the table if Tehran pushes things too far... Syria, meanwhile, is busy preparing for a massive destabilization effort in Lebanon... According to a source, Syrian intelligence has a hit list of six individuals in Siniora’s March 14 coalition — parliamentary deputies Samir Franjieh, Wael Abu Faour, Nayla Mouawad and Akram Shuhayyib; former parliamentary deputy Faris Said; and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea... from the Syrian intelligence office in Rif Dimashq (NOW this is REAL Intelligence gathering by STRATFOR, ...), and they tell the March 14 leaders and activists that Syrian intelligence knows all the details of their moves, actions and whereabouts. These messages are meant to demoralize the leaders and activists of the March 14 coalition.

The Syrians also are deeply involved in supplying militants in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps, .. to instigate clashes between rival Palestinian factions — specifically between the Fatah movement and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command..."

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Unknown said...

Stratfor analysis is right of the playbook of M14. There is nothing new in what they said. In fact, it is close to wishful thinking. There are also idiotic items such as Hezbollah supplying SSNP with M16 sniping rifles. Really? Any info on how much, year of manufacturing, and serial number? SSNP has its own cache of arms, like ALL MILITIAS WHO WERE PARTICIPANTS IN THE CIVIL WAR. THAT INCLUDES JUMBLAT, GEAGEA, AND CRONIES. The real weapons that will matter are antitank missiles. Now, the Syrians must really be casual in their 'tranining' and letting all that kind of info circulate around.
Also, the item quoting a 'source' that Hezbollah is behing the attack on US embassy vehicles as a 'warning'. Hezbollah has other means of sending warnings, but it is quite easy (a sign of mental laziness) to say that Hezbollah (how come not Syria this time!!!???)is behind everything.
Also, the hit list that circulates freely in Beirut is quite a laugh. Syrians must be that stupid to let such list circulate in the present climate. THe 'source' must really know things that even Syria and Hezbollah do not know!!!
Stratfor analysis is basically old crap recycled as news. It is also a dangerous thing since it announces a new series of assassinations, just like that! Disinformation campaigns come and go but this one is still persisting!