Friday, January 11, 2008

Bin Laden turns heat on Saudi Arabia

In AsiaTimes, here
"...he leaves no doubt that the Islamists' main enemy in Iraq is now Saudi Arabia, not the supposedly militarily defeated United States. After the Soviets' withdrawal from Afghanistan, bin Laden reminded the Iraqi fighters that "America exerted great efforts ... to convince the Afghan leaders through the governments of Riyadh and Islamabad to join a national unity government with communists and secularists from the West." Bin Laden explained that the Saudi regime was then - and is again today in Iraq - the main enemy of the mujahideen: ..."

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Anonymous said...

oh well this article was written by Michael Scheurer - what would be his agenda?
very conveniently anybody can say they are Al Queida
Michael Scheurer: There really is only one action that needs to be taken and that's a greater exercise of democracy in the U.S. Our leaders have to square with the American people and tell them that we're being attacked for what we're doing in the world and not for who we are or what we think. The American people also must decide if they will continue to allow senior bureaucrats to place international or European opinion as a higher priority than protecting American lives. Quite simply, before we can defeat the enemy that we face in the Islamic world, the American people need to tell their political masters that the protection of Americans comes first and that American policies toward the Islamic world which have been on auto pilot for thirty years must be debated and, if necessary, revised.

Finally, American leaders must frankly tell Americans that there is no choice at this moment between war and peace. The choice we face is between war and endless war, and that a policy must be crafted that suits the best interests of the U.S. rather than the continuation of policies that are aimed at pleasing international opinion.