Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kissinger & Associates: out of the "neocon-closet" long enough to challenge the "right" of the National Intelligence Council to make judgments

Pal Lang, here
"... In this piece Kissinger insists that he (and his friends) know best what is important (and dangerous) in Iran's nuclear program. He insists that the mere enrichment of uranium is the most dangerous part of such a program. He denigrates the focus of the NIE on actual weapon and warhead research and production, claiming that such prodigies of engineering could be achieved with relative ease once the all-important store of enriched uranium is obtained.
In this process of reasoning, Kissinger ignores the fact that uranium enrichment is also necessary to produce fuel needed to have a large number of atomic electric plants. The difference in the two kinds of enrichment is that weapons production requires a much higher percentage of enrichment. The difference is detectable and so far the IAEA has not detected any efforts to produce weapons grade enriched fuel.
Kissinger's anger at the "interference" of the spooks in the image building campaign conducted against Iran is palpable. He is revealed as an ally of the AEI fantasists and their friends in the White House. His "crocodile tears" over the poor, misguided souls in the intelligence community are not merely laughable. They are, in fact, symptomatic of a great mind which has lost its own way."

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