Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Peres relays to Turkey "secret" info on Iran

From Yediot Aharonoth, here
"... Sources on the delegation explained that the information was aimed at persuading Turkey to change its political stances on Iran. Currently, the volume of trade between the two countries stands at billions of dollars annually, and the two also share common problems of terror by Kurdish rebels."


My America Journal said...

The United States, Arabs, Israel and Iran: Crimes

Iran is a natural non-Arab nation for Israel security in the Middle East region. Persians and Jews have common historical and cultural links. People of Israel know that below the surface of verbal bravado from the present Presidents of Iran and Israel, these two nations have to survive the sea of hostile Arabs. Iraq invasion of Iran was a reality check for Israel.

Israel recognized that the same Arabic nations who supported Iraq against Iran will attack again non-Arab Israel. These two nations were both Muslim. Jews are not really welcomed among Arabs. These findings are not surprising considering the integrated financial, technical, and armaments that were provided by many Arab countries to support Arabic Iraq against non-Arab Iranians and Kurds. Iran and Israel have a lot of common security interests. The United States’ and Israel’s common interests in the region do not support attacking Iran. We must stop arming Arab nations, providing massive military aids (Egypt) hoping that all will be fine. These arms will eventually kill American and Israeli people.

Anonymous said...

Neo-con Zionist's runnin' scared huh "myamerica"???