Friday, November 9, 2007

Murmur: The US did away with elections with a "simple majority" quorum

A while back, Stalwart Minister of Works and Head of the Tripolitan Bloc, Mohamad Safadi "shocked" the Lebanese political landscape and his allies (so we were led to believe) in the M14 Movement, when he declared that his bloc would not "partake" in the cannibalization of the Constitution by quorum of a simple majority in the House. People speculated (and speculated some more) as to the reasons of such a dramatic turn of events. It was ultimately thought that Safadi (by birth, a Constitutional "Expert") had a calling, ... a sudden political/moral awakening ...
Our 'take': On background, Safadi could have not acted, except at the behest (putting it gently) of the United States and his regional patron, Saudi Arabia, to seal the question of election by a simple majority, allowing the tractions of Lebanese Politics to fill the "temps perdu." Today, Saad Hariri stood up to put that question "out of its misery" once and for all, allowing the interpretation that this is a "great M14 sacrifice" towards the "gran' bargain."
The truth of the matter is, the US has no Iron Clad fixation over elections: In case of a "void", Siniora will do just fine!

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Anonymous said...

"Siniora will just do fine" as Iraq and now Pakistan are doing just fine. We are slowly but surely loosing our country. GOOD LUCK PRESIDENT SINIORA