Friday, November 30, 2007

Michel Sleiman's 'Candidacy': Beyond the "out loud"

Whatever has been 'discussed' between Commander Michel Sleiman and the main supporters of his candidacy (the Egyptians) is still very sketchy. The Head of Egyptian Intelligence, Brig. Omar Suleiman, is a man of very few words, therefore it is still early to know what (if any) perimeters have been discussed and agreed upon.
In Beirut, 'parties' are in deep discussing the immediate-post-election period: (1) the formation of a new government, (2) its composition (3) Hezballah's arsenal (4) relations with Syria and (5) the International Tribunal.
Every time Sleiman inches towards M14, he loses equal 'Opposition'' support, and vice versa.
The stew is just about heating up.

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