Wednesday, November 28, 2007

M14 agrees to 'amend' the Constitution for Michel Sleiman. Do they really?

Or is it a bluff they're calling in order to get Gen. Aoun to "confront" Sleiman, and self-bleed himself and Sleiman out of contention? Could it be that "Jeff" is behind this sudden turn of events? Could it be that Walid Jumblatt is "really worried? and could it be that M14 target is (scroll waaaay down) none other than Riad Salemeh? I call on Gen. Michel AOUN to "call M14's bluff" ASAP! Jeff, Walid & their minions want us to believe that "the" major reversal took place beneath the brunt of Annapolis. This is partly true, but nonetheless, M14 is maneuvering and maneuvering well for that matter, but it could one day, maneuver itself out of elbow room!

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Anonymous said...

if they are its a pretty dangerous game. Aoun is playing smart by saying let them sort out the legalities b4 i comment. In other words, hes saying if you guys are serious about this, lets see you do it.