Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lebanon is Hanging by a Thread: 'Diplomatic Pleasantries Have Been Discarded'

From CounterPunch, here
"... the most significant international sponsor--the US--has thus far blocked any agreement that denies the realization of its own principle goal in Lebanon, namely disarming the Resistance and accomplishing what Israel could not do by force during its July 2006 invasion..."

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Anonymous said...

Notwithstanding Mr. Shattah insights Mr Fatfat has been threatening to sue President Lahoud and send him to jail if he heeds Nasrallah's call to do 'something' as an emergency measure. Fatfat believes that the 'majority' in parliament is much larger due do forthcoming defections from Mr. Berri's group. Shatah and Fatfat thind their wishes are political realities. Gold help Lebanon.