Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lang on Israeli manipulation of World opinion & the "Imminent" Iranian nuclear threat

Col. Lang , here
Several key questions arise because of that expressed Israeli belief:
- What are the actual time lines of the putative Iranian nuclear and missile programs? The basic question is; "How long until the Iranians could have a sufficient force of DELIVERABLE nuclear weapons?" The Israelis talk about Iranian nuclear weapons in 2009. Do they really mean that or are they talking about an experimental detonation?
- Do the Iranians really possess the industrial capacity to manufacture miniaturized nuclear weapons and to "mate" them to ballistic missiles?
- Are the Iranians "rational actors" in making strategic decisions or are they driven by messianic religious impulses?
- Is Israel's principal concern fear of an actual Iranian strike at some time in the future or is the main worry the loss of strategic influence and "clout" that would follow upon the possession of such weapons by the Iranians?

These are the kinds of question that should be considered. Instead, the world is subjected to propaganda and information operations designed to push public opinion toward another war.

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