Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Cedars Revolution is on the verge of a crushing political defeat over the next few days, and at the hands of its own politicians

From the mind of a "great academic, strategist, expert & lunatic", Walid Phares talks to the bastion of "moderation", the National Review, here
"...Deploying an aircraft carrier strike group into the eastern Mediterranean could balance the weight of the Iranian Pasdaran and their missiles deployed in Lebanon, so that Tehran and Damascus aren't the only powers present in that small country..."


Anonymous said...

You won't post this comment because you don't tolerate other views, of course. So this would go to you and on other blogs of course. Show us some great minds other than the failed academics in Middle East Studies that you post on your blog? Juan Cole? As'ad Hezbollah? And what do they suggest? The return of the Syrians to Lebanon or increasing Hezbollah's load of missiles for another 50,000 fascist rockets? Show us the smart analysis..

G, M, Z, or B said...

You probably ARE NOT reading what I post. Scroll down Ya Walid, ya Phares Loubnan, and open your mind to some American patriots, not rifraf!