Monday, November 19, 2007

63% of Lebanese "favor a Military Takeover" and 77% ask for a "Referendum on Lebanon's identity"

... and this according to a Poll conducted by the excellent Information International, SAL, while the majority (77%) of respondents want a referendum on Lebanon's "Political & Economic" issues.
A Solid 59% majority remain convinced that Hezballa's arsenal is "necessary to face Israel" until all issues are resolved between Lebanon & Israel, including of course, the Prisoners and the occupied lands.
The Lebanese are equally divided (43%) on the necessary quorum for the election of a new President (2/3 or 50+1) while an important 14% remain "undecided".
More importantly, 63% of all respondents believe that the Army should run the country until a new President is elected and a new government is formed.
مازن كرباج ـ لبنان

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