Monday, October 29, 2007

"This is the Shi'ite moment"

In the AsiaTimes, by "Spengler", here
"...The use of force against Iran without doubt will make the Iraqi mess completely unmanageable. It will have spillover effects in Turkey, where the electoral majority that supported the Islamists in this year's elections will rise in outrage against the United States and Israel. It may reignite the war between Israel and Hezbollah..."


Anonymous said...

When it comes to bloodthirstiness "Spengler" has always been in a league of his own. His greatest heroes are Richelieu and Mazarin who engineered a civil war inferno in Germany that thoroughly depopulated it and kept it off the map as a country for another 200 years. He fits right into the Halloween season, somewhere between Jigsaw and Freddy Kruger. You too, I presume, have no idea who this maniac actually is, or do you?

G, M, Z, or B said...

I do .. in the spirit of All Hallow Night

Anonymous said...

Shudder... (thank God I have a Mar Charbel card in my wallet).