Friday, October 5, 2007

Israel failed to provoke a war with Syria

Haaretz, here
"...The farce came to a partial end yesterday, and even though there is still a gag order on most of the juicy details, we can safely say that behind the successful blackout campaign lies an enormous failure. The silence of official Israel was not meant to protect military secrets. The victim of the operation knows full well what he had and what happened to him... Still, it seems that once again Assad surprised Israel; whoever expected him to respond to the operation in a military operation was wrong..."
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poshlemon said...

Was it really expected of Syria to respond? Did Isreal really expect that? I would not say so.

For the first part, Syria is not ready at all for a war with Israel. Syria is aware of the economic, political and military disadvantages of such an undertaking. What is there to be gained? The Golan? Syria is not very much concerned with the Golan.

Secondly, I think Israel provoked Syria knowing very well of the silent response of the latter. Not wishing to get into details, I am convinced that Israel does not want another war with Syria - one to be taken into consideration is the International public. As I just said elsewhere on a blog, I think it is just limited to the psychological war between Syria and America/Israel. Israel knows when to press and take advantage of Syria, which is already on bad terms with its Arab neighbors and suffers an instability in its internal affairs, which is enough to place immense pressure on the Baathist/Assad regime.

Many interpretations try to underestimate and overestimate both the Syrians and Israelis. On a political intelligence scale, both are almost equal. It is different, however, for me, when ideologies and military bodies of both nations are to be contrasted.