Thursday, October 11, 2007

Changing Course with Syria

Via SyriaComment, here
"... Inviting Syria to the peace conference is not a reward to Damascus for its alleged mischievous behavior; it is a matter of real necessity dictated by the prevailing turmoil in the Middle East to which the Bush administration has contributed so largely. The Middle- East conference offers the Bush administration an opportunity to change course toward Syria without loosing face not to speak of preventing a colossal failure..."

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Blacksmith Jade said...

The Syrians try to make it a necessity by ordering assassinations, sponsoring terror groups (like the PFLP-GC), and initiating constitutional crises through their allies in Lebanon.

The fact of the matter is that the Syrians have been pushing this line of talking and dealing with them but have not offered the international community anything in return for an easing of pressure on them.

What could they offer? A stop killing and destroying? And what do they want in return? A return of their hegemony (so that they can kidnap, torture, and kill without any hassle)?

Theres much commenting on Joshua Landis and his 'style' of reporting/blogging. In a (two) word(s), he's a regime-lackey.