Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brazil won't extradite Lebanese banker

No one is more anxious than Charles Rizk to blow the Al Madina hullabaloo up, for purely "Presidential" Politicking. No one is adamant to keep it under the rug more than M14: Al Madina Bank = Boutros Harb, Ghazi Aridi, Neyla Moawad, Marwan Hamadeh, deputy Head of the "Sho3bat al Ma3loomat" (ISF), Rustom Ghazaleh, Elias Murr ... and many "prominent" second tier-others! Just ask Governor Salameh. (We did!)
Read more here from AP,


Anonymous said...

Admittedly , I play the piano in the dark on this one.
However, Koleiliat sounds like an interesting lady.
I had a strange encounter with a Brazilian girl last Tuesday, she talked about Lebanese girls/ It seemed like an obtuse reference at the time but now in retrospect she may have been probing me to see if I was aware of "things"
Hariri was asassinated by the Zinists. Is Koleiliat a Zionist? Or is she being accused by Zionists of assassinating Hariri?
My guess is the latter.
The writer of this piece has Astor as his name. Again, most of our journaists are in the pockets of the global elites. Astor is an elite name.
Let's get out there and show the Brazilians how much we need them and appreciate their independent spirit. They are obviously being pressured by the global elites to get into line.

Anonymous said...

Does Brazil suspect the Zionists of blowing up the UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003 that killed the Brazilian UN Official Sergio Vieira de Mello?