Saturday, August 4, 2007

Metn Polls: Aoun's candidate over Amine Gemayel by 6000 votes

Kataeb nomenklatura instructed their voter-supporters to "vote very early in the AM and go home". The plan is to create "disturbances" at the ballot locals, prompting early closures.


Salem said...

One day before the storm, things look rather shaky.
For more than 2 years now, the ruling party and co. have been launching a day-to-day media assault on the FPM and on Michel Aoun to undeermine his position in something called a "character assasination", a large recruitment has been made to that purpose among journalists, TVs, newspapers, politicians, public figures and scholars to inject the public opinion with false propaganda linking the FPM to Syria and Iran. Tomorrow is an effectiveness test for that huge media operation.
If the FPM candidate wins tomorrows Metn by-elections, it will be a big loss for that media machine regardless of the political positions and stances at stake. This media machine and the people behind it will be on full alert tomorrow to continue with their devious stagings.
Many probable scenarios are being whispered, the 14 febers are planning to stage many media stunts, like filming arab syrians (that have been given the lebanese nationality, passports and Metn voters) shouting for Aoun and Murr while behind the curtains, they vote for Gemayel in an attempt to provoque the average christian undecided voter.
Riots and shakedowns may happen in an attempt to discourage voters from going out of their homes.
The anti-Aoun media outlets will definitely host devious politicians and journalists to attack Aoun with lies and distorted history and analysis.
In my very humble opinion, this by-election is mainly to discourage the huge fundings of the big oiled lying media machine by redering it ineffective.

Salem said...

Confirmed, at this moment, all the nationalised arab syrian that have been brought to Metn are voting for Amine Gemayel.