Friday, July 27, 2007

Richard Sale on IRAN:Cheney propsed a "very limited strike" but so far has gotten NO approval!

Via SicSemperTyrannis (Col. Pat Lang) from the very well informed Richard Sale.
"Regarding Iran.."
Richard Sale sent me this. It should be posted. I am busy writing. That is all. Not a big deal. pl

"Dear Pat:
I will be brief and be gone.
Regarding Iran, the Bush line of attack has been and will continue to be allegations of Iranian interference inside Iraq, chiefly to al Sadr and other pro-Tehran factions. Iran is supplying weapons and IEDs to the insurgency, but only to the Shia factions.British intelligence uncovered an Iranian op in Afghanistan that was supplying weapons to the Taliban. Knowing of Cheney's relish to appear tough in front of the eyes of the world and his followers, the British spooks were timid about informing Bush about the Afghan op, but were overruled at the ministerial level.According to senior US intelligence officials, President Bush has definitely decided not to strike any of Iranian alleged nuclear weapons production facilities this year. Israeli intel is floating a lot of stories about bunker buster bombs being moved to the region, but this is psyop rubbish.What Cheney has proposed is a measure that would launch a very limited military strike at one or more known Iranian training centers whose forces are being deployed to Iraq. This proposal has, so far, gotten no approval.
With greetings to all,
Richard Sale"

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