Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Iran and US Jiu-Jitsu in the Middle East", Op-Ed by Gary Sick

Via WarAndPiece, read G Sick's full essay here.
the "moving parts" of the new US strategy (excerpts)
-- In Lebanon, provide covert support for efforts to support the Siniora government and to thwart Hezbollah, probably in close cooperation with Israeli intelligence [being done?];
-- keep attention focused on Iran, including raids and general harassment of its representatives [the 5 Iranians who were arrested in Irbil have now been in US custody for more than 6 months, during which time Iranian representatives have been permitted to meet them only once, near the six-month anniversary];
-- Attempt to woo (or threaten) Syria away from its alliance with Iran with promises of money and support of Syrian efforts to regain the Golan Heights [if so, the effort is totally subterranean as far as I can tell];
-- Provide (Israeli) intelligence support to U.S. (and potentially Arab) anti-Hezbollah efforts in Lebanon [probably done];

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