Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fath el Islam operatives "conveniently killed" in Tripoli

The Nahr el Bared imbroglio is biting the sponsors of FeI real hard in the derriere, and day after day, the bite mark is becoming more evident. However, it is too early to divulge ALL that is available because the Army is still at the "front", but whatever is trickling down to the people in the know is sufficiently damaging. Going back just a notch in time, FLC learned from SENIOR Military/Judicial officialdom that 2 detainees (from the Ain Alaq bombing when 2 civilian buses were bombed) have ADMITTED to Judge Jean Fahd, that they were "executing these operations to keep the pressure on the Syrians at critical times". Interestingly, many of the slain FeI fighters in the first day of Nahr el Bared's fighting (the Med-Bank "customers") were directly linked to the Ain Alaq detainees BUT were (according to Military investigators) "conveniently killed before we could talk to them" in the firefight with the ISF Intel-Section, said an officer in charge ... Basically, and in retrospect, it's the failure at Ain Alaq (bombers caught) that led to the ensuing fiasco in Tripoli and to the whole thing exploding in a "time-release" fashion in the face of the ISF's Intel-Section, the FUTURE movement and ... consequently in Siniora's face!
(UPDATE: We also learn that the man arrested in Achrafieh with loads of explosives ... has "friends" with VERY serious clout who are working for his immediate release.)


Silent Majority said...

EXPLOSIVE, if true. Just want to have an idea -not a name- of the source to verify "VERY" similar information I received late last month from quite reliable sources.

G, M, Z, or B said...

That warrants the Question: Why isn't Michel Suleiman "outing" the culprits? His decision (I don't know how wise it is anymore) is to prevent a schism within the LAF.
With Ain El Helweh flaring up, LAF will have to come out clean. Siniora and his sponsors should be in JAIL!