Friday, June 29, 2007

CIA Terror Bombings, Bob Gates, and The Rise of Hezbollah

From the HuffingtonPost, read it fully, here.
"Among those of Fadlallah's bodyguards not killed in the explosion, 22 year-old Imad Mugniyah would join the emerging Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah and, over the next decade, as a shadowy chief of security, direct a series of reprisal attacks against Americans in a bloody chain reaction of terror and counter-terror. Among Fadlallah's admirers, outraged by the bombing and ever after distrustful of the Americans he had once admired, was a round-faced, 25 year-old theology student of already recognized charisma and organizational skills. He would rise to become Hezbollah's leader -- and, after his forces fought the Israeli invasion of Lebanon to a standstill in the summer of 2006, one of the most popular figures in the Arab world: Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. "

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Unknown said...

There is only one problem with this story. It isn't true. The attack on Fadlallah was carried out by the Lebanese Forces and was not masterminded by CIA. Secondly, Imad Mughniyah was one of the key players in the bombing of the Marine BLT and the French MNF barracks in October 1983 and the abduction of William Buckley the following March. He was not a wet-behind-the-ears lad who was radicalized by the attack on Fadlallah and was not even a bodyguard of Fadlallah at that time. Sorry.