Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bahiya Hariri: "I paid off Salafis and thugs to protect the back of the LAF"

This woman moves from one PR success to another. What is she going to tell us next? That she "paid off Salafi terrorists" because it was her way to corrupt Lucifer? Read her pearls in An Nahar, here. The Hariris have learned the tools of the trade from the "best". The Saudi regime is very good at "buying off". However, the commodities are also good at coming back to bite a lot of people in the pattootie.

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Anonymous said...

I even read somewhere that minister fatfat still insists that fath al islam is not al qaeda. that fath al islam is syria's creation. is fatfat by any chance defending al qaeda? is e saying that al qaeda would not stoop that low? minister fatfat should clarify his position.