Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sen. John Warner: "water that bill down" and you'll draw some 30 GOP votes to make veto-proof bill

From David Corn comes this, reminds me of the "discussion" Sen. Warner had with with "Zinderneuf":
"I've been reading George Tenet's book today. So not much to post about. But here's an interesting tidbit: As George W. Bush this afternoon readied to veto the legislation passed by Congress that attaches timelines and benchmarks to the Iraq war funding, a journalist I know interviewed Senator John Warner, the Republican who used to chair the armed services committee. Warner claimed that if the Democrats eased up on some of the conditions included in the Iraq war spending measure they could craft a compromise that might draw 25 to 30 GOP votes in the Senate, thus producing a veto-proof majority in the Senate. Is Warner being overly optimistic? Or are there two dozen (or more) Republicans in the Senate almost ready to jump ship and come out for a watered-down restraining order on the president regarding the war? As soon as that veto lands, the next round will begin, and Bush's stubbornness might not serve him so well."

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