Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon confirms that the 4 Saudi members of Fath el Islam killed "are indeed members of Al Qaeda"

This "declaration" by the Saudi emissary Abdul Aziz Khoja, was a source of major embarrassment to the March 14 leadership, as it was quick to accuse and say that the fighters were "Syrian mukhabarat leftovers of Palestinian origin." The days ahead will uncover the role that the Jordanians and Saudis played in scuttling all attempts by Lebanese authorities to "nip FeI (and other Salafi movements) in the bud", if that was at all possible.
‘We have learnt there are Saudis, Syrians, Lebanese, Algerians and people from other nationalities amongst Fatah Al Islam, and they follow Al Qaeda’s ideology,’ he (Khoja) said. Read the full "AlKhaleejTimes" piece here.

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