Sunday, May 20, 2007

In "off the record", Siniora to foreign journalist: “Our attitude allows Al Qaeda types to have a presence in Lebanon, to offset "Shia'a scheme"

This "off the record" comment was reported earlier as being made by a Siniora "official", when the reality of the matter is that it was Siniora HIMSELF who said that his government "tolerated the presence of Esbat Al Ansar and Fath el Islam ..." just as he voiced his concern that they would be the "first line of defense" against the Shia'as, most notably Hezballah. FLC has learned from the "journalist" that Siniora was not too comfortable with his "comments" and asked to see and severely edit the transcripts of the story!


Anonymous said...

what is your source please?

G, M, Z, or B said...

Sorry anon. But source could (soon enough) talk about it some more. Then you'll know.

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