Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fath el Islam alleged "bank heist" was nothing but a scheduled visit to the cashier booth gone awry

The infamous bank "heist" by Fath el Islam that was said to have led to the current imbroglio in Lebanon, was nothing more that a "scheduled visit to the cashier." OFFICIAL sources in Beirut inform FLC that it was in the habit of FeI to visit that specific bank to receive cash transmittals from Future movement (Saad Hariri via Minister Ahmad Fatfat) disbursements. Apparently, and for reasons we've discussed or relayed elsewhere (scroll down) they discovered then and there that the payments were "stopped," at which time they decided to "help themselves to the exact monthly sums." Worse even, are (again) OFFICIAL reports The Lebanese Army had plans to deal quietly with this Salafi movement, but that FeI was tipped by "elements close to the decision makers in Beirut" and consequently, the operations were aborted.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he is more generous with the other groups. Imagine if he closes shop, how many of the likes of fath al islam will their be in the whole lebanon.
Corruption, corruption.....