Monday, April 30, 2007

Wolfowitz's resignation in the works!

From Steve Clemons and the WashingtonNote we know that "behind the scenes of the gladiatorial battle that will take place between Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank Board today are efforts by his lawyer, Robert Bennett, and the Bank staff to negotiate terms of Wolfowitz's departure..." at the center of which is the "large financial bonus -- for performance and time on the job... estimated at about $400,000... Wolfowitz wants to make sure those funds are credited to his private bank account before saying farewell to an institution that has come to despise him."
Paul Wolfowitz has wronged a lot of people. A whole lot of people. But none more so than the People of Iraq. May this be the first steps in a long painful and humiliating political demise.

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Anonymous said...

It's too bad. Wolfowitz and the Bank were a perfect fit. See Naomi Klein for details: