Sunday, April 22, 2007

Syria's "Chalabasti" Fareed Ghadri applies for a Job at the World Bank!

From sources VERY close to his household, we learn that Fareed Ghadri's plans for "leading" Syria are taking second place to his ambitions at the World Bank. Syria's "Chalabasti" (as he is fondly known) has formaly applied for a "job" at the World Bank, perhaps sensing that this Institution could be a place where he can "water his horses" before proceeding to bigger things in life. Fareed will (if enrolled) bring in NEW ideas on fighting nepotism, at a time when the Riza's of the world have haunted the Bank's board of governors. Ghadri belives that the "Brotherhood's" inlays on the Washington scene, are causes for concern!

One thing though, Ghadri's qualificatons are close to nill, but a good word from Meyrav Wurmser would be handy.


Joshua Landis said...

He may be running out of time on this job as well. I hear it is going to Abdul Halim Khaddam.

George Ajjan said...

Did he apply as "Farid" or "Frank"?