Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shaha Riza's "volunteer" works racks a $235,000 bill at the DOD

One of Laura Rosen's readers (CM) at War& said the following:
"... I've been interested in the news today that Victoria Toensing is claiming
Ms. Riza to be a volunteer for her trip to Iraq. The Government Accountability
Project has put up the contract that SAIC had for this work here:
Not so sure why SAIC would need a contract for a volunteer. This contract names Riza and two others as Subject Matter Experts and the total contract is for $235,000.
It is for Time and Materials (with the government providing transportation) --
even given that SAIC likely took 1/3 of this for overhead, this is a decent
amount of money for 90 days of work that does not seem to result in any written reports. ..."

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