Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Salon: "Iraq: Why the media failed"

From Helena Cobban & Salon, comes a good analysis of the US media's failures to challenge and tickle the truth. Fabrications and distortions led to wars, and the medias (across the board) just "promoted" the line. In retrospect (there is no retrospect) serious reviews of the reasons behind the war in Iraq (for example) are scarce.

"The media had serious preexisting weaknesses" says author Gary Kamiya and "when a devastating terrorist attack and a radical, reckless and duplicitous administration came together, the result was a perfect storm."

A great investigative reporter added just the other day (during a Friday Lunch) that the "fear of losing access" by a vindictive Administration looms large. Remember this is an Administration who actually used the media (some) to settle political scores (PlameGate).

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