Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The phobia doing well, thank you:“The Virginia Tech campus has a very large Muslim community ..."

"Yesterday, while details of the shootings were still sketchy, Schlussel told readers, “The Virginia Tech campus has a very large Muslim community, many of which are from Pakistan.” When news reports indicated that the shooter was Asian, Schlussel said, “Pakis are considered ‘Asian.’”
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Anonymous said...

And she says that she is
NOTHING like DON IMUSS. What a racist and disturbing blog she has.
She describes herself as:"having a unique expertise on radical Islam/Islamic terrorism" She caused Caribou Coffee to have its worst financial quarter ever, when she fabricated the coffee chain's ownership to a So-CALLED "Radical Arab ownership" and caused Starbucks to have its best quarter, when she fabricated the SO-CALLED "radical Muslim" boycott of the Jewish-led chain.
What an expert!