Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NEW Poll by Beirut's "Information International: Nassrallah & Aoun top the "leadership" echelon ... emigration a serious issue

In this most recent Poll, Jawad Adra's "Information International" scans the spectrum for Lebanon's reactions to political leaders (Za'ims), foreign Ambassador's "interference" and ... emigration. Here are a few conclusions:

--Hassan Nasrallah remains the "first Zai'm", but his popularity shows some fatigue.
--Nassrallah, Aoun, Jumblatt and Hariri remain well entrenched at the leadership of their sectarian constituencies.
--BUT 24% of ALL RESPONDENTS, showed NO preference to "any Zai'm".
--Over 30% of respondents showed a SERIOUS inclination towards emigration, up from 15% in August 2006'
--Around 12% of Lebanese "youth" have submitted some type of "emigration form." (about 135,000 applicants)
--55% of all respondents had some "fears of a resumption of civil hostilities", but over 60% believed in a brighter future ... starting just about November 2007'.
--US, French, British and Iranian ambassadors generate most vitriol as to their "blatant interference." Saudi ambassador recorded most "positive."

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