Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lebanon: France Moves To Incite Civil Unrest

From Rami Zurayk. Professor of Ecosystem Management Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut )(AUB) comes this scathing assessment of France's (under Chirac) role in Lebanon, and the reasons behind the Elysee's "merchant's" sudden-death support of the Hariri tribunal", when " ...Chirac may still need the Hariris, one of the biggest fortunes on earth, with tentacular connections to help him in his legal predicament. This may well be the dark side of this friendship..."

read the full essay here and read Le Monde's piece "Liban : le dernier combat du président Chirac" here.

Le Monde summarizes what is on most people's minds on both sides of the Mediterranean, " ...Le fait que M. Chirac et son épouse aient choisi de loger, après leur départ de l'Elysée, dans un vaste appartement parisien prêté par l'un des fils de M. Hariri ne fait que souligner le poids du facteur personnel dans l'attachement du président français au dossier du Liban..."

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how much more could the French and/or the Lebanese take from this unhealthy and "personal" policy!!! I just hope that if Sarkozy won; he'll leave citizen Chirac pay his part for corruption.