Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Former Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan "under travel ban"?

Days after Jordanian Mukhabarat confiscated an Al Jazeera interview of Jordan's former Crown Prince Hassan with Ghassan BenJeddou, we learn that a Jordanian government official "personally" called off all scheduled appearances of Prince Hassan in the United States. Think tank, church and club officials with whom the Prince had prior arrangements were "very surprised by the method of cancellation." All this comes on the heel of the infamous "Al Jazeera confiscation" of an interview in which Prince Hassan voiced severe criticism of the US's role i Iraq, raised question marks as to Bandar's "financing of Salafi-Jihadists", lambasted "those who raise the specter of Sunni-Shia'a internecine feud" ... and had no "good" words about Israel's policy in the Palestinian territories.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't the wife of Prince Bandar Ben Sultan involved in funding some terrorists while the Prince was the Saudi Ambassador to the USA? So why are we to be surprised for him to do similar funding? I think that the Jordanian Secret Services acted ridiculously by confiscating those tapes of Al-Jazzera.