Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Col. Pat Lang: "Pacification of Baghdad will not succeed without a tremendous fight..."

Col. W Pat Lang, has these remarks on today's "deadliest of attacks" that killed over 120 Iraqis and wounded almost 200. You can read more of Col. Lang's comments here at Sic Semper Tyrannis 2007.

"In what is clearly a coordinated demonstration of capability, suicide and
other bombers struck all over Baghdad today to show the world and the Shia
Arab population of Baghdad that the Petraeus/Kagan/Keene plan for the in
the course of which many Shia will suffer.The bridge demolitions last week were undoubtedly part of the plan for this counter-offensive. As can be seen
from the BBC chart below, there are many advantages to be derived by the
insurgents from isolating East Baghdad from the increasingly Sunni Arab
western side of the city.It will be interesting to see how this campaign
develops over the coming months."

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