Monday, November 25, 2013

"Syria Update: Assad and His Government are Winning"

"... This new ethos is as well being reinforced by new dynamics.  The government feels tangibly the slide of international politics in its direction (including by the US):  European intelligence services (German, French and British) have resumed their relations with Damascus.  Other European states are quietly discussing the re-opening of their embassies; some Gulf states are informally expressing to their Syrian opposite numbers their disenchantment with GCC (notably Saudi) policy towards Syria, and the majority of regional states now seem to favor a political solution.  Egyptians too privately indicate that they sense a greater common interest with Syria, than with their patron, Saudi Arabia, but the politics of the Egyptian situation does not allow for a free expression of such sentiments.  In Damascus, however, there can be little doubt but that the tide of their diplomatic isolation has turned..."

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Unknown said...

This is great news. I hope those states who turned on Syria will come back on their knees. What happened to Syria over the last 3 years is so shameful. The Turks, Shame, the Gulf States, Shame…always shame! When the big USA comes pushing around independent countries with their "Color" uprisings, and "pro-democracy" movements, it's incredible to see how many fellow traveller nations will join in, with hopes of receiving some kind of political prize from the U.S., or at least a guarantee that they won't be the next country to find itself being attacked by Islamic radicals posing as "activists".

Even the language of these crisis has been created to promote the official narrative. When do you hear high level politicians refer to hard core terrorists as "activists" and "protestors"? Only when the U.S is creating the false narrative, and getting a nation to destroy itself.