Monday, November 11, 2013

Israeli protesters condemn Kerry’s remarks over 3rd intifada

 JPost | Israel News
"... Dozens of protesters gathered to condemn US Secretary of State John Kerry Sunday at Jerusalem’s US Consulate for remarks he made Thursday about the prospect of a third intifada due to Israeli intransigence, which they said resulted in the Friday firebombing of a car in Judea..."

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Peter said...

Apologies for off topic comment. It has come to my attention that there is a deliberate effort by the powers that be, to dissuade readers from gaining access to certain web sites.
Lately, I have had difficulty accesssing your site. It loads very very very slowly. This,supposedly, is one method of discouraging use. It has worked for me and i feel guilty.
You don't have to post this comment beacuse it is really directed to the FLC writers and not the readers,
If you are experiencing lower readership it might be as a result of this sabotage. Hopefully, the sabotage is at my end, Verizonis my IP. It is possible the problem lays here because this is heavy duty Zionist territory.
Just a heads up FLC. You guys/gals are the best in my book.