Friday, May 31, 2013

"Syria: Diplomatic Code"

"... He is clearly saying that if the missiles do reach Syria, the Israeli Air Force will attack and destroy them. But he calls it a vital issue for Israeli security, even though the missiles are purely defensive weapons, incapable of attacking Israel. “Security” in what sense?In the sense that Israel sees freedom to launch air attacks on Syria any time it feels the need as a vital element of its security policy. The S-300s would make it more dangerous to bomb Syria, so Yalon sees them as threatening Israel’s “security”. It’s an innovative use of language, to say the least.... 
And President Barack Obama most eloquently said nothing at all.He said nothing about the EU’s initiative, because it’s so confused and contradictory that it’s embarrassing to talk about it.He said nothing about the Israeli threat to attack the Russian anti-aircraft missiles because Israel is a “friend and ally,” and it’s best not to notice when its threats to attack other countries get too brazen.And he said nothing about the Russian S-300s themselves, because he is probably secretly glad that they are being sent to Syria..."

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