Friday, May 31, 2013

Romanticizing terrorists, as long as they don't kill Americans!: "She is a problem solver who wanted to help!"

One of MSM/ cable's toilets, CNN, found the American Jihadists ( who went to kill in a foreign land) fascinating. As long as she kills brown men & women, we could always shed a tear for these "misguided" souls!
"... Her niece tried to be a "problem solver," she said."Nicole was the type of person if she thought that something was wrong somewhere, that she could help repair it," said her aunt."Trouble spots," Carole Mansfield said, "... fascinated her.""That it was to help free the Syrians from the Syrian government and all the problems that they're having over there," she answered..."She was just an American woman who was misguided," Jones said. "... And it really makes me sick to my stomach that people post such horrible things."..."And they lied to her. They misled her and they took her and brought her over there, probably paid for her ticket and everything, and they kept her there.". ...Jones thought her mother could be in Syria, fighting alongside rebels in the country's bloody civil war.Nicole Mansfield had converted to Islam several years ago, her daughter told CNN Friday...."

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Anonymous said...

she is certainly not a jihadist or she is if by that they intend a member of some american special forces.She has been found with a military map of a military site in Idlib!