Monday, May 27, 2013

Davutoglu the King of Burlesque!

"... Davutoglu said, “Bashar Assad’s problem is that his mother is alive,” and added: “His mother, who is now in Dubai, constantly preaches to him about his father and how he had handled Hama. She is like a ghost who says, ‘If I were you, I would done it like at Hama and crushed it.’ He [Bashar Assad] talks reasonably with us and then changes his mind after the regular weekly family meeting. The first circle of the regime is the Assad and Mahluf families [from the maternal side]. The second circle is the Nusayri ring made of commanders of intelligence, the army and the air force. The third is the Baath party. We always advised him to cooperate with the outmost circle and offset the internal ones. But he couldn’t do it.”..."

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